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Used Renault Trucks T: opt for second-hand for your long-distance road tractor

Boasting several strong points, both in terms of driving comfort and road performance, the Renault Trucks T tractor range enhances the list of indispensable models offered by the French manufacturer. On the market for many years now, the Renault Trucks T tractors are available throughout Europe on the second-hand market. As such, there are several amazing opportunities to be seized by transport professionals on the lookout for high-performance vehicles sold at attractive prices.

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Renault Trucks T: a go-to model in the world of long-distance transport

Does your business specialise in the long-distance transport of goods? For many years, Renault Trucks has been selling a range of long-distance road tractors specially-designed for on-road professionals who drive long distances, for many hours at a time: the Renault Trucks T. The Renault Trucks T460 and T480 tractors soon became a safe choice amongst transporters and lorry drivers. Offering a spacious cab, drivers can go long distances comfortably. Countless storage spaces make long-distance very practical, and the break area, with its spacious and comfy bed, makes it easy to relax and recover. The panoramic windscreen provides a wide view of the driver’s road environment, and the truck’s technology boosts safety when driving. Tractors within the Renault Trucks T range, such as the Renault Trucks T460 and Renault Trucks T480, encompass key functionalities which drivers can no longer do without, such as cruise control, a road departure warning, and an automatic parking brake.

The perfect combination of a Renault Trucks Premium and a Renault Trucks Magnum

For road transport professionals who were used to delivering customers with a fleet of Renault Trucks Premium and/or Renault Trucks Magnum models, the Renault Trucks T presents itself as the perfect mix between the two - both renowned as go-to models. As such, the Renault Trucks T took the Premium’s fuel consumption performance (see below), and the Magnum’s comfort.

Saving on fuel: a key advantage of the Renault Trucks T

One of the main benefits of investing in a used Renault Trucks T is its low fuel consumption. The Renault Trucks T460 and T480 for sale are particularly renowned within the industry as being extremely fuel-efficient. All the elements used to make the road tractor were carefully assessed with a view to reducing fuel consumption. This leads to substantial savings for transport companies, especially when delivering goods over long distances. Of the elements that contribute to reducing fuel consumption for the Renault Trucks T range, we have the shape of the cab - specially designed to offer the very best drag coefficient possible - as well as the choice of engine. Together, both these features entail higher profitability without losing an ounce of performance out on the road.

Renault Trucks T range: long distances...and long lifecycles

As mentioned above, Renault Trucks T tractors are designed to cover long distances. Renault Trucks have conducted many trials in extreme conditions, to guarantee the tractor’s on-road reliability over long distances, and the vehicles longevity in terms of lifespan. For instance, when designing the Renault Trucks T, we considered what the best interior and exterior components were, to ensure enhanced interchangeability and easy maintenance. As such, tractors from the Renault Trucks T range are some of the most widely sought-after models on the second-hand market. Whereas some vehicles are clearly leaning towards the end of their life upon entering the second-hand market, used Renault Trucks T models begin a new life altogether. You can safely invest in a used Renault Trucks T460 or T480 for sale without jeopardising your vehicle’s reliability.

A used Renault Trucks T road tractor with service quality equivalent to a new vehicle

Still unsure about choosing a used Renault Trucks T for your business? Our Used Trucks network provides all the guarantees you need, to invest with complete peace of mind. Each and every model listed in the Renault Trucks second-hand catalogue is inspected by specialists beforehand, based on a long check-list. The vehicles are then prepared in compliance with the strict standards set out by the manufacturer, both to ensure the good reputation of renowned models such as the Renault Trucks T460 or Renault Trucks T480, and as a guarantee for the used Renault Trucks T available throughout Europe. Above and beyond safety issues, adding vehicles to the second-hand Renault Trucks T market is a transparent process, ensuring a trusting working relationship between the various stakeholders.

Going even further with your used truck

Just like for new vehicles, tractors within the used Renault Trucks T range can have a predictive maintenance contract added by the manufacturer. In practice, this offer includes optimised vehicle maintenance, where consumables are monitored remotely to check for wear, and an online service is made available to ensure direct contact and thus avoid any situations which may lead to the vehicle being immobilised. By opting for a second-hand Renault Trucks T model, purchased from within the manufacturer’s network, you will be getting a robust and high-performance vehicle, which will save you money and guarantee years of use. No doubt these advantages will positively affect the service quality you provide your customers with, as well as the income collected by your company every year.


What is the weight range of the Renault Trucks T?

The Renault Trucks T range tractor units span from 19 tonnes to 26 tonnes in Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). The GVW includes the weight of the vehicle itself, as well as the weight of any driver or passengers, accessories and any payload for the tractor unit - not including the weight of an attached trailer or its cargo. When paired with a trailer unit, the Renault Trucks T tractor unit trucks can reach up to around 44 tonnes in approved Gross Combined Weight (GCV). The weight of each used tractor unit contributes to its performance on the road, while simultaneously influencing towing capacity, speed and tyre pressure. While each used truck for sale by Renault Trucks specifies the GVW and approved maximum GCV for optimal performance, authorities may specify stricter weight regulations with which transport operators must comply for varying routes or goods.