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Find your Used Light Commercial Vehicle

If your activity requires the use of a light commercial vehicle, our website lists dedicated used Renault Trucks Master and Maxity offers. Both of these vehicles are iconic LCV models, and combine large loading volume, high payload and compact overall dimensions. Often used for driving in urban zones and even city centres, it's essential that they are able to weave in and out of traffic and negotiate narrow streets. They can meet all of your requirements, regardless of your activity: site delivery vehicle, refrigerated van, delivery van, food vans, minibus for children or an electrician's, plumber's, builder's or even roofer's van.  

As an example, Renault Trucks Master can carry a load of up to 5 Euro-pallets or 17 cubic metres, and boasts a payload of up to 2332 kilograms. Our website lists the full variety of used models in the range, from 3.3 tonnes to 7.5 tonnes. Thanks to our multi-criteria selection, you can filter Renault Trucks Master listings according to your requirements, its configuration (chassis-cab, van, etc.), its age and mileage.   

The used light commercial vehicles listed on the Used Trucks by Renault Trucks platform benefit from the same attention as tractor units or heavy commercial rigids. The aim is to make your purchase risk-free and to guarantee you impeccable reliability.  

Please note that our expert technicians perform an inspection on any used light commercial vehicle before it is listed on our website. And if a part needs to be repaired or replaced, they will exclusively use Renault Trucks genuine spare parts. Finally, we strictly adhere to the standards and protocols set by the manufacturer for the stages of maintenance. 

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Buy your used LCV in full confidence 

Visit Used Trucks by Renault Trucks to find your used LCV, and enjoy tailored services to suit your requirements while benefiting from the same services as those offered for heavy commercial vehicles. You can count on our 24/7 assistance to come to your aid wherever your vehicle is in Europe. The density of the Renault Trucks network means that you can always locate one of the 1100 Renault Trucks service points in Europe close to your activity location. Our service point will provide support throughout your period of ownership of your used vehicle.  

From the first time you contact us to when we hand over the keys to you, our expert technicians will be there to advise you. They will be able to assist you in customising your vehicle and offer you financing, insurance and financial services in addition to guidance on how to reduce your fuel consumption, in order to make your purchase as cost-effective as possible. Furthermore, your adviser may also assist you in the customisation of your light commercial vehicle, if it requires a conversion or accessorising to suit your intended application exactly. You are also guaranteed to find the vehicle you require thanks to the advice from professional vehicle specialist personnel who are familiar with your activities and constraints. 


Used LCV equipped with the latest technology 

Renault Trucks Master and Maxity are equipped with the latest technology for reducing fuel consumption and improving driver comfort. For example, the most recent version of Renault Trucks Master is equipped with an automated manual transmission with gear shift assistance. This reduces fuel consumption greatly and allows the driver to concentrate solely on the task in hand. It may be coupled with a Stop&Start system which switches off the engine when the vehicle is stationary, to prevent unnecessary fuel consumption. Namely, the Euro 6 engines equipped on Renault Trucks Master aim to comply with environmental and commercial constraints.  


Why do some vans have no VAT?

Most vans purchased for commercial purposes require what is known as a Value Added Tax payment, or VAT. However, some used vans may not incorporate this tax for various reasons. While new vehicles are almost always subject to VAT in the UK, the application of the tax during the sale of a used vehicle depends largely on the seller. If the seller is a VAT-registered business, standard VAT rates will likely apply. However, private individuals and businesses that are not VAT-registered are usually not required to include VAT in the sale of a LCV - even for commercial purposes. In the UK, the standard VAT rate is 20%, but there are also 5% reduced rates and zero-rated VAT. No VAT or a zero-rated VAT may be applied to commercial vans in special circumstances to support small businesses when they earn below a certain VAT threshold and qualify for the tax exemption.

What is the towing capacity of the Renault Trucks Master tipper?

The Renault Trucks Master tipper has a maximum authorised weight capacity (or Gross Combination Weight Rating) of 6 tonnes. With 2.9 tonnes of weight taken up by the vehicle body, staff, tipper load and the tipper itself, this leaves the Renault Trucks Master tipper with an operating towing capacity of 3.1 tonnes. Known for its industry versatility, exceptional interior comfort and various configurations, the Renault Trucks Master series also boasts one of the largest payloads of vehicles in its category. The tipper configuration saves time and effort for each operation by facilitating bulky loading and unloading processes across diverse sectors in an all-terrain vehicle. With the ability to tow an additional 3,000 kgs, the Renault Trucks Master tipper is further equipped to efficiently tackle even larger loads, making it a perfect solution for construction, agriculture and waste applications. Explore Renault Trucks’ used LCVs to find Renault Trucks Master tippers near you.

Are Renault Trucks Trafics reliable?

Like all Renault Trucks vehicles, the Renault Trucks Trafic is built with only the most robust materials and is vigorously tested to ensure reliable performance and long-term durability. Renowned for its practical design, versatility and efficient functionality, Renault Trucks Trafic has earned its spot among the most popular utility vans and continues to satisfy both businesses and individual customers of different sectors around the globe. Due to its diverse applications, fuel efficiency, and comfort, the Renault Trucks Trafic is a go-to transportation solution for applications ranging from inner-city manouvering to regional deliveries. Renault Trucks Trafics are designed with a commitment to reliability, and are intended to be used throughout multiple lifespans. Both new and used Renault Trucks Trafic models consistently receive positive reviews and prove their value to each owner. On top of user reviews, Renault Trucks guarantees the reliability of all its used LVCs through an intensive 200-point inspection, ensuring optimal functionality, safety and performance prior to any sale.