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Launched in 2013, the Renault Trucks D range is compatible with various professional trades. From delivery services to large-volume transportation of goods, it is perfectly suited to all your professional needs. Let’s take a closer look at the Renault Trucks D range’s technical features, comfort fittings, and more.

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Meeting your needs for enhanced comfort

The Renault Trucks D range boasts about a hundred vehicle models. The range’s chassis is made to accommodate for a large variety of professional trade equipment such as trailers, storage compartments or any other fixture required for your professional trade. For instance, our Renault Trucks D models have a rotating reservoir for cement mixers. Other models can be fitted with a tipping trailer and loading crane, for example.

Some Renault Trucks D models can be used as a van with a tailgate, container carrier or waste collection bin. A rear platform may also be fitted which is popular for breakdown trucks. Whether 4x2 or 6x2, the GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) for this type of truck is likely to vary between 12, 16, 18 and 26 tonnes.

Excel with the Renault Trucks D Range’s main technical features

The Renault Trucks D range stands out through its many innovations. In terms of energy performance, their engines are renowned for minimising fuel consumption. The cab’s aerodynamic design is a spectacular innovation, especially if the model has a roof deflector. Several Renault Trucks D models have certain driving aids. Depending on the vehicle, you are looking for, other options are also available:

  • pre-fitted chassis for various uses: tanker, collection bin, etc.
  • reduced turning radius to make manoeuvring easier
  • rear air suspensions
  • steel bumper and chassis sides, etc.

Comfort and ergonomics at the tip of your fingers when driving a Renault Trucks D

Vehicles within the Renault Trucks D range are highly valued for their ergonomics and comfort. Their cabs are slimmer, thus improving manoeuvrability and their doors can open at 90 degrees – depending on the technical specifications and options linked to each model. In addition, an access step to the windscreen makes maintenance much easier. All truck commands are also within easy reach for drivers!

There are six different types of cabs within the Renault Trucks D range allowing for up to 7 people. The latter may also include a 15-litre central storage unit, as well as additional under-seat storage. Alongside this, drivers have access to a 24 V power socket, a cup holder and a dashboard with a writing surface – ideal for professionals.

What are the main advantages to buying a used Renault Trucks D?

Investing in a used truck is less expensive and allows you to make the most of a fully fitted professional vehicle. Furthermore, we have a vast selection of used vehicles. These trucks are already fitted with whatever equipment you may need. You can look into several different models e.g., a Renault Trucks D 240 with a cold storage room, or a Renault Trucks D with a tipping bin for construction work.

Purchasing a used truck also makes an eco-friendly statement as the environmental impact is significantly lower than if an entirely new vehicle had to be manufactured. Vehicle wait times are also significantly shorter!

A used Renault Trucks D is as good as new

To offer a perfectly safe and working truck, Renault Trucks runs 200 specific checks on its used Renault Trucks D models, as well as on all other available used vehicles, prior to their sale. These checks are conducted in strict compliance with the manufacturer’s standards.

To make your search easier, and find the perfect vehicle, well adapted to your needs, several filters are available. Here are some examples:

  • vehicle category
  • engine type and associated power
  • date of first registration
  • price in euros (ex-tax)
  • geographical location
  • mileage, etc.

For even more detailed and specific searches regarding your Renault Trucks D purchase, a number of advanced filters can be activated. This way, only a short list of results will be presented, matching your criteria perfectly. These filters can be used for more precision e.g., in terms of GVWR, axle disposition, optional fittings, chassis height and additional brakes. You can also classify vehicles according to emission rate (Euro 6 standards) and cab colour.