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Used Renault Trucks C: quality at the best price

Looking for a dirt-track model within the Renault Trucks range? Renowned for being easy to operate and drive on any kind of terrain, the Renault Trucks C offers a tailored solution to on-road professionals who are required to complete any tasks.

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Easy handling: the most appealing asset for a used Renault Trucks C

Is having a truck that is easy to handle your biggest need when choosing a vehicle? It’s the strongest point of our Renault Trucks C range. Manufactured with know-how and expertise, the Renault Trucks C range guarantees excellent handling, meaning it can drive onto construction sites with the greatest of ease. The Renault Trucks C is just as high-performing on a construction site as it is out on the open road. With its short turning radius, it can weave its way anywhere, even into the most complicated entrances. Known as the ultimate construction material delivery truck, a used Renault Trucks C will enable you to deliver to customers anywhere. Its exceptional manoeuvrability stems from a combination of special parts and technologies. Your drivers will no doubt appreciate locking system for inter-axle and inter-wheel differential motors, the ground clearance of 312 mm beneath the front axle and up to 440 mm beneath the petrol tank, the 24° angle of attack allowed by the 100% steel bumper, the manual accelerator to ensure constant speed, and the "Off Road" mode designed to optimise gear changes.

<h3>Manoeuvrability at its peak</h3>

Are you looking for a truck able to get you out of even the stickiest of situations without needing to build up speed? With its hydrostatic drive system on the front wheels, the Renault Trucks C Optitrack offers extreme manoeuvrability without prejudice to its high performance in terms of fuel consumption. That’s a fact. A number of transporters feel that the Renault Trucks C range is the easiest to manoeuvre on the market.

Renault Trucks C: an engine designed for saving on fuel

This is one of the Renault Trucks C’s other assets. Since 2013 and the engines being redesigned to meet the requirements set out by the Euro 6 standard, the Renault Trucks C line offers the same performance levels as before, with the added difference that the consumption is much lower now. Given the current context, with fuel prices fluctuating so much, investing in a used Renault Trucks C vehicle, with its fuel-saving attributes, is a great opportunity. Above and beyond its engine, other components also explain the Renault Trucks C’s performance in terms of fuel consumption. Namely, the vehicle’s design. Indeed, designers put true emphasis on the vehicle’s aerodynamics. It includes fixed roof-mounted deflectors, adjusted either manually or electronically, and folding side deflectors, as well as a 12° windscreen inclination, extended engine protectors on the chassis, and door extensions. As for the cab, its trapezium shape further optimises the vehicle’s aerodynamics and contributes to reducing fuel consumption. Drivers who loved the Renault Trucks Premium Distribution will detect, upon switching to a used Renault Trucks C (in its 2.30 m version), that the cab is the same with a few modern touches added to it.

What about comfort?

Easy to manoeuvre, controlled fuel consumption...the Renault Trucks C line has convincing arguments to help you switch to this model. The vehicle’s comfort is part of what makes it so appealing. It includes:

  • A number of ultra-modern services, with a 7-inch HD touch screen, a comprehensive audio system with an entertainment menu, embedded TomTom navigation system, Bluetooth pairing for two smartphones, etc.;
  • Comfortable living quarters, with a bed designed to be as comfortable as in the driver’s own home, storage areas, a silent electric fridge, etc.;
  • Driving aids and high-performance safety devices, such as LED lights for improved visibility, an anti-runaway mode, mechanical anti-intrusion locks for enhanced security when in the cab, etc.

Used Renault Trucks C: a trust-worthy used truck

In addition to the performances associated with the Renault Trucks C, our Used Trucks network can provide assistance when selecting your vehicle, always striving to offer you the best services, tailored to your needs, and guaranteeing a high-quality vehicle. By assessing your needs every step of the way, right up until you get the keys to your Renault Trucks C vehicle (or any other model), including finding you the best financing solutions, our Used Truck experts will be by your side to help you make the right decision. Information, advice, latest technologies, etc., our experts have a wide range of customised services to assist all those looking into the purchase of a vehicle able to follow them in their professional tasks. Just like when purchasing a new Renault Trucks C model, our second-hand vehicles have a manufacturer’s warranty, which cover any breakdown fees and offer a hotline service available 24/7, for emergencies occurring anywhere in Europe. By choosing to purchase a used Renault Trucks C vehicle, you have complete peace of mind knowing that you’ve made a sound and economical investment for your business.