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Renault Trucks Maxity: a compact and functional truck

The Renault Trucks Maxity is a small tonnage truck and a versatile vehicle, used for many different professional activities. Fairly compact in size, it is easy to manoeuvre and can bear a high payload. Browse through our second-hand catalogue to find the used Renault Trucks Maxity suited to your needs.

As this model is no longer produced, you can also check our more recent trucks to find the one that meets your needs.

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Covering countless professional sectors thanks to the Renault Trucks Maxity

Given the Renault Trucks Maxity’s design, it is suitable for many types of equipment. The truck’s chassis can indeed house different bodyworks. These range from vans to tipping bins, flat cargo platforms and refrigerated chambers. It is also suitable for setting up a nacelle, for high-perched work and operations. This is for instance useful for public lighting systems.

The Renault Trucks Maxity can also be used as a commercial vehicle for transporting large volumes. It has a compartment that closes with a sliding pane, making this truck a practical transport solution for local deliveries. It is renowned for its use by the emergency services (such as the police force and fire service). Its functions include:

  • Technical assistance;
  • Oxygen supply;
  • Command board;
  • Vehicle towing, etc.

It can also be used as a work site supply truck. Some models are fitted with a pivoting lifting arm.

Technical information about the Renault Trucks Maxity

The Renault Trucks Maxity’s engine power ranges between 110 and 150 hp, reaching a maximum speed of 130 km/h. Its GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) is 3,500 kg, meaning this truck can bear a payload of 1,100 to 1,800 kg. Depending on the selected model, it has a 5- or 6-speed gearbox. As previously mentioned, it stands out with its compact structure, making driving and manoeuvres much easier.

The Renault Trucks Maxity is particularly well-suited for local travel and urban environments. This range of vehicles is also fitted with a hill-start assist. This driving aid is also useful to better handle downhill roads. Its purpose is to preserve the clutch’s integrity in the long-term. It also boasts a ventilated brake disk system.

Comfort added to the Renault Trucks Maxity’s inner cab

In addition to its bodywork being modular to accommodate various uses, the Renault Trucks Maxity also offers a high-quality cab. The latter includes numerous storage areas of good size, and carefully dotted along the seat and dashboard. The cab can accommodate 3 people, driver included. Depending on the chosen options and available fittings, this truck can also benefit from the following add-ons:

  • A digital tachograph;
  • Air-conditioning;
  • Stabilising bars in the front and reinforced rear suspensions;
  • Air bags for the driver and passenger;
  • A rear door with a spare wheel and mud flap, etc.

A standard or wide (1,900 or 2,100 mm) platform can also be included if necessary. Some Renault Trucks Maxity have a low axle ratio with a limited-slip differential.

Easy purchase of a used Renault Trucks Maxity

Renault Trucks’ Used Trucks offer includes a wide range of second-hand trucks. The Renault Trucks Maxity features in the catalogue. Just like for other vehicle ranges, exhaustive inspections are conducted prior to sale. This certifies it being in good condition, whilst guaranteeing its age and origin. Preferring second-hand to new vehicles means you get additional fittings for the same price. Similarly, your investment will have a dampened effect on cash flow, not forgetting that profitability is quicker to reach. And you make a gesture in favour of the environment.

To make your search easier, Renault Trucks added further criteria to help you find the best-suited ads. As such, you can choose your Renault Trucks Maxity based on the date it was first registered, engine power or bodywork. Setting the point of sale’s location and limiting your search to a set geographical area is also possible. Advanced filters include even more features. For instance, the vehicle’s emissions, chassis height, axle configuration, and many other fittings.